Top 15 Best Steam Irons 2022 UK – Review & Buying Guide

When it comes to getting all the wrinkles out of your clothing, it is the regular and traditional iron that comes to mind. No one really knows about any other alternatives, so figuring out the best steam iron can be quite difficult. It’s a completely new type of technology that uses something different to get the wrinkles out. New is usually good, but it kind of scares people.

The old iron was developed over a hundred years ago and the technology is really simple. The bonds that make wrinkles (yes chemistry) are broken by running a hot flat piece of metal over the fabric. But what you’re really doing is burning your fabric. You don’t see anything, but internally it is burning. This reduces the life of your clothing and other things that you would use iron for.

Steam iron is something that is going to blast hot steam at the clothing. Steam is just hot water, so it doesn’t hurt the fabric. You can spray steam at it all day and there is no chance of it burning or getting damaged. If you have a delicate fabric you can easily reduce the amount and temperature of the steam coming out. This is a much more productive and safe way to get the wrinkles out of your clothes.

Here are ten of the best steam irons in the UK 2022 that you can choose from ;

Top 10 Best Steam Irons UK 2022

1. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W, 20630

This is one of the best steam irons you can find. A very powerful steam iron that will be able to handle everything you throw at it. 45g/min of continuous steam that can handle most fabrics easily, add a powerful 210g of steam shot on top of it to make it even easier.

This iron consumes 3100W of power to ensure that it will always perform at the highest performance. Thanks to that, it will only need mere seconds to heat up and confirmed to be 15% faster than previous Russell Hobbs irons models.

350ml water tank is huge for an iron. One refill will last for a while. With self-cleaning function to ensure that the iron will always be scale-free and no impurities to prolong its life. This iron will last you years to come and will always be hassle-free. This model is also guaranteed to be 50% smoother than the previous ones. The automatic switch-off feature ensures that no accidents will happen when you left the iron on while not being used.

2. Russell Hobbs Steam Traditional Iron 23060

Moderately high-powered iron can make ironing activities faster and easier. The design is compact and lightweight, perfect for people who don’t want to lift heavy iron while ironing. Despite that, it’s still a powerful iron with 40g of continuous steam and a 100g shot of steam when needed.

It also provides powerful vertical steam, so you can iron hanging clothes easily. With the self-cleaning function installed, this iron will be easy to maintain and will last long. 300 ml tank is really big for such a compact iron and since this iron consumes a moderate amount of power, the water will last much longer than most irons.

This product uses to power up to 2400 watts when being used, the dials are soft to the touch and the handle is very comfortable to grip.

3. Tefal FV6520G0 Freemove Air Cordless

Another lightweight and power-efficient iron. It’s light so it’s easy to move around. Feels very agile, can glide smoothly over most fabrics. Your ironing session will feel like a breeze. Combine that with the cordless technology, nothing will restrict your movement while you’re ironing. Recharge time is quick and easy.

Just put it on the base and it will charge immediately. In actual practice, there is practically no waiting time between ironing sessions. The base’s design is ergonomic horizontal. When you need to use the iron just slide it off the base without lifting it.

It comes with 2400W of power, 25g/min of continuous steam output and a 155g/min steam boost, combined with a 250ml water tank. Overall this might be the best steam iron I’ve ever reviewed. In terms of comfort, this iron is on top of the leaderboard. It’s light, glide easily and cordless for free and unrestricted movement.

4. Russell Hobbs 21370 Professional Steam Iron

This is a very sturdy and well-built iron. 2600W of power ensure that the heat-up time is quick. 45g of continuous steam with the powerful 145g of steam shot will work on most fabrics and handle the toughest creases easily. You don’t need to worry about keeping this iron in top shape.

With a self-cleaning function, this iron is free from impurities and scale-free, effectively prolonging its life. 300ml of water tank is large enough for a long ironing session. No need to refill it often. Complete with water spray to soften the toughest creases. The cord length is 3m, which should be more than enough for free movements.

The soleplate is an ultra-smooth ceramic soleplate, it glides easily during ironing sessions. You can also iron hanging garments, suits and curtains, thanks to vertical and variable steam. It also has an auto-off feature to prevent any unwanted accidents, such as forgetting that the iron is still on when you’re away.

5. Morphy Richards Steam Iron 303131 Turbosteam Pro

This iron has a really nice touch. It feels comfortable and nice to handle. It comes with a very powerful 3100W and a fast heat up time. 55g constant steam output and 200 steam boost, there is nothing this iron can’t handle. 400ml water is really big. One refill should run for a long ironing session.

Dual temperature control for simple and easy ironing sessions. IntelliTemp can be used on all ironable fabrics from cashmere to cotton, with no burn guaranteed. For thicker fabrics and stubborn creases, you can crank up the setting to the max.

Tri-Zone technology soleplate is very effective to remove creases and the pearl ceramic coating makes it easy to glide over fabrics and creases. This iron is perfect for people who want to get rid of the creases on their fabrics with no fail and very little effort.

6. Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron

Simple, lightweight and power-efficient iron. The perfect household item for everyone. With 2400W and 150g/min of steam boost, FV4040 can handle any creases with no problems. Durilium technology invented by Tefal is a wonderful thing to have. It glides effortlessly through any fabric and removes any creases on the way.

Complete with double anti-scale and self-clean features, maintenance is hassle-free and keeps the iron optimal for a very long time. Easy cord system also keeps the cord from tangling.

Safety is a big priority for Tefal. This iron is equipped with an auto-off feature to prevent any unwanted accidents. The iron will turn itself off when placed on its heel after 8 minutes of inactivity and 30 seconds if places on its side or with its soleplate facing down.

7. Breville DiamondXpress 3100W Steam Iron VIN401,

This is one good looking iron. The soleplate is super-wide and coated in diamond ceramic. It Feels super smooth while ironing, effectively cutting ironing time short. A powerful 200g steam shot can handle the toughest creases with ease.

This steam iron is also very efficient and accurate, thanks to central steam channels and precision tips that will deliver steam exactly where you need it. 400ml water tank, which is super big for an iron. It’s impressive that they can install such a big water tank. The water tank is also very convenient, easy to fill with water.

The handle feels very comfortable to grip because it has a nice feature called ‘up-to-temperature illumination. This iron also has an automatic shut-off for more security, a self-clean features to prolong its life and easy maintenance, vertical steam for hanging clothes, curtains, etc. and a 3m power cord for freedom of movement.

8. Philips Azur Steam Iron GC4567/86, 250g

This steam iron looks good with nice colour and is complete with a lot of important features. 2600w of power will heat up the iron quickly, no need to wait a long time to start your ironing session. 250g steam boost and 50g/min of continuous steam will penetrate into fabrics easily and remove stubborn creases.

There would be no creases this iron can’t handle. SteamGlide soleplate will easily glide on all fabrics, making your life easier. Fewer refills are required due to the large 300ml water tank, and with the drip-stop system, there will be no leakage. You can iron away with no water droplets on your fabrics.

The calc can be released quickly and easily. Easy to maintain and ensure a long-lasting steam performance. The steam released by this iron is very strong and consistent, just clean up the calc regularly and you’re good to go. The auto shut-off system is very nice and reliable. It will automatically switch off after 2 minutes of inactivity. On its heel rest, this Philips iron will switch off after 8 minutes, everything is done automatically.

9. Morphy Richards 303125

One of the most powerful steam irons on the market. 3100W of power is a lot of steam power. A simple button can be used to select the desired temperature. This feature is guaranteed to be very precise and you can set it up to match the requirement on the garment care label precisely. Your fabrics will not get ruined and no burn will occur.

Tri-Zone technology soleplate for more effective crease removal. Coated in pearl ceramic for a super smooth non-stick coating which allows an effortless glide and a beautiful crease-free finish. 55g of constant steam and 200g steam boost are all the steam power you will ever need.

With a 400ml extra-large water tank, no more constant refilling between ironing sessions and iron more fabrics in one session. Auto shut-off feature is can also be found for more convenience and to save energy.

10. Philips PerfectCare PowerLife Steam Iron GC3929/66

Now, this is a very elegant looking steam iron. You can always count on Philips to make premium quality products such as this one. With 2600W of power and up to 45g/min of continuous steam, you can remove any tough creases easily and no burn will happen as is guaranteed by Philips.

You can easily iron everything from jeans to silk without adjusting any settings. Very easy to use, anyone can use it without worry.

The 300ml water tank is complete with an extra-large filling hole, no need for constant fillings and no water dripping from the hole. The extra-long 3m power cord allows you to move freely and the cord won’t get tangled. Built-in calc cleaning function to remove limescale easily, the iron will last for years. The automatic switch-off feature will turn the iron off after 8 minutes left standing or when on its soleplate, it will off after 30 seconds.

11. Bosch TDA5070GB Steam Iron

One of the most powerful steam irons when it comes to steam output. 3100W maximum of power that produces 200g/minute steam shot. Makes quick work for any stubborn creases. Due to the high amount of steam output, you only need to glide the steam iron once or twice to get rid of the crease.

Very impressive iron to do the heaviest work. The steam system is designed to distribute steam evenly on the fabric for a cleaner job. With the built-in anti-calc system, the iron can easily be cleaned and maintained to ensure that the ironworks optimally for a long period of time.

The design is ergonomic, very comfortable and convenient to handle. The iron can run for an impressive 60 minutes straight. Iron all of your garments with ease and effortlessly. It also comes with variable temperature and is paired with steam settings to ensure all types of garments can be accommodated.

12. Tefal FV9788 Ultimate Anti Scale

Very flexible iron with a lot of adjustments. The FV9788 comes with a unique patented scale collector, fights against limescale efficiently so the iron will last longer compared to other irons without the technology. Also, with durilium technology to ensure the superior glide across most kinds of fabrics, for an effortless ironing session.

Complete with an automatic steam setting, the iron will output the right amount of steam for each clothing item. Keep your clothes in tip-top condition. The power setting is adjustable, from 2800W to 3000W to get the right temperature for your garments. Steam boost of up to 230g/min effectively removes the toughest creases.

Limescale is always a big problem for irons. Without an anti-scale solution, scale buildup will be enormous inside the iron over time. It reduces the iron’s steam output and overall performance. Fortunately, this iron is equipped with Tefal’s anti-scale collector and anti-scale setting. It will last for a long time while always performing at the highest capacity.

13. Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron

Breville product is the next best steam iron that aims that this iron will benefit a lot of people even those who don’t like ironing. The iron is created to be used very easily with features that cut ironing time due to getting rid of creases easily.

This iron might actually make you enjoy ironing your garments. With a powerful 180g of steam shot, it will penetrate deep inside fabrics and remove tough creases. 400 ml tank is even bigger than the extra-large water tank on most irons. One refill and you’re good to go for a long period of ironing sessions, no more constant refilling.

The iron also has an auto shut-off feature which automatically switches off the iron when not being used. The automatic switch-off also works when the iron gets knocked over. There is also a safe-store indicator that tells you when the iron is cool enough to put away. So, if you’re not sure what steam iron to get and are not a fan of ironing your garments, this is the iron that will suit your needs.

14. Beautural 2400-Watt with Digital LCD Screen

Very advanced steam iron with a neat looking LCD display. The display is located in front of the handle. With a clear display, it’s easy to look at the information on it. It will show you the useful 9 preset modes for ideal temperatures as well as steam.

This Beautural product is very good for most kinds of fabrics such as nylon, silk, wool, jeans and linen. The soleplate is dual-plate. The manufacturer said that dual-plate can disperse heat much more evenly and efficiently compared to a single plate. This will effectively remove wrinkles 30% faster.

Auto-off feature switches off the iron depending on the docking position. 30-sec for horizontal and tipped over. 8 minutes for vertical.

15. Morphy Richards 300251 Breeze

Another great steam iron for every household. Consumes a moderate amount of power and is good for a wide range of fabrics. 2600W allows the iron to pre-heat to the ideal temperature in just seconds. Powerful 100g steam shot and 45g constant steam will remove the toughest creases in your ironing pile.

The shot of steam can be delivered to wherever you need the most, shirt sleeves or pockets. The constant stream, on the other hand, will gently massage your fabrics and remove creases with no kind of damages at all.

350ml water capacity is enough to last for an entire ironing session. The anti-scale feature prevents limescale buildups and prolongs the iron’s life. Complete with an auto-off function that turns off the iron after 1 minute if left horizontally, or 8 minutes if left vertically. For any traditional needs for ironing, this iron is one of the best steam iron for your household.  

Best Steam Iron Buying Tips

There are very important characteristics that you must look at when you’re planning on purchasing a steam iron. They’re a little different than what you would expect with a traditional iron, so I’m going to help you with this.

The rate of steam that you’re going to get out of the iron is quite important. If you’re not getting enough steam, then it is difficult to permeate fabrics with the steam and you won’t get the wrinkles out. What you’re looking for here is a good wattage. The number of watts that a steam iron will use, will determine the amount of steam that you’re going to get out of it. I think anything about 1000 watts is the best way to go. Anything below that will result in much less steam and often it will just spit out hot water (which isn’t good).

Also what you should be looking for are dual-functioning steam irons. These are the ones that allow you to steam out your clothing or if you want you can use it just like a traditional iron. This gives you a little more flexibility with the way you use it. I know some people still like the crispness of using a regular iron and this gives you the ability with a regular steam iron.

– Different Types of Steam Irons 

Basic Irons for Home
A basic steam iron allows a small amount of steam to be used on your clothes to assist in getting rid of wrinkles more quickly. Newer models feature an anti-calcium valve or resin filters that reduce the buildup that tap water can create. These irons have a lot of features to customize your ironing chores.

Steam Ironing Systems
The iron of this type gives you a constant flow of high-pressure steam. These are usually bulkier than conventional irons and are best placed on an iron board rack, or on another surface instead of the ironing board itself. Be advised that this kind of iron takes a while to heat up.

Cordless Irons
You get the convenience of not dealing with a cord and all the features of conventional irons. I have found that they can be handy, but many we’ve tried often have more problems. Need to buy one, read the details about 10 best cordless irons 2022 in the UK.

– What types of features should you look for in a steam iron? –

Auto-shutoff – This feature is probably the most important for most people. It’s quite easy to forget that you left the steam iron running, and auto-shutoff takes care of that issue easily.

Auto-adjusting steam – This feature can be nice if you want the steam iron to change the steam amounts based on the heat setting. This can be a bigger help to beginners or infrequent steam iron users that don’t like to manually control steam amounts.

Corded or cordless – Cords can get in the way easily, so look for a model that has cord-handling features to keep it from hanging over your fabric. Or else keep an eye out for cordless models as well, which are quite common these days.

Self-cleaning – Some models are able to use boiled water to self-clean the steam vents. Cleaning is more important if you have hard water, which will create mineral buildup much more quickly.

Anti-calcium – Some models also keep hard water at bay by using anti-calcium measures to prevent excessive mineral buildup in your steam iron.

The Soleplates – Look for non-stick plates as they are the easiest to clean. Plates that aren’t non-stick may need to be cleaned more often but they aren’t bad necessarily.

Weight – Keep in mind how much the iron you are looking at will weigh when being used. If it’s heavy, your arm will fatigue more quickly if you are doing a lot of ironing in one sitting.

Other Features to Consider

  • The quality of the soleplate decides how well your steam iron will glide. It is advisable to buy an iron with chrome-plated, stainless steel or durilium soleplate.
  • Another important feature to consider is the steam flow rate. This is expressed in grams per minute. The higher the steam flow rate, the easier it is going to be to tackle tough creases and all kinds of fabric.
  • Choose a steam iron that has an average capacity of 400 ml of water that will hold up for about 30 minutes before having to be refilled.
  • Reduced heating time is another feature you may want to consider if you need to give your clothes a quick iron.

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Final Words

Thanks for checking out our reviews, we hope you find this information to be helpful to you when making a decision, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift to someone else. Check back for more in the future, we add new models when we feel their worthy of being listed as the best available.